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About me

I am a facilitator and an educator. I can help you to creative, insightful, action-oriented thinking about how to bring out the full potential of your not-for-profit or local government organization.  Since June 2000 I've been available as a consultant and trainer on community and organizational development.  I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, and the folks I've worked with have given me some very flattering feedback.

I'm a community developer. From 1996 to June 2000 I was Associate Director of Cornell University's Community & Rural Development Institute (CaRDI). I was responsible for developing training and professional development resources for local government officials, policymakers and community organization leaders from across New York state and the nation. I'm especially interested in participatory community development skill-building, and creating flexible tools for setting priorities.

I'm a former elected official. I was an elected member of the Tompkins County Board of Representatives from 1990-1996. I was known as an advocate for stronger local support for health care and human rights. I was a leader in creating the county's highly effective recycling system. As chair of the county Budget & Fiscal Policy Committee in 1994-95, I took the lead in completely re-thinking the county budget process.

I've been a successful not-for-profit executive. As director of Offender Aid & Restoration (1981-87), I took the lead in expanding OAR's volunteer counseling program in the county jail, and creating the OAR Bail Fund. By the time I left OAR, the budget and staff had nearly tripled in size.

I'm a community leader. I've been active in many community organizations. I'm vice-chair of the board of the recently formed Community Foundation of Tompkins County.  I've been chair of the Board of Directors of Ithaca Festival.  I'm the founder and chair of United CItizens for Alternatives to Jail Expansion (UNCAJE).

I'm a philosopher. I received my PhD in Philosophy from Cornell in 1975, specializing in understanding the concept of Self-deception. I've been a teacher of Philosophy and Applied Ethics at several colleges, most recently Ithaca College (1989-95).

I'm at home on the Internet. I'm excited about the potential of the Internet to open new possibilities for local communities. I founded the Tompkins County Electronic Future Committee. I organized Cornell University discussions on Internet & Community.  I've just gotten my own domain name

I'm a folk musician, chess player and bicyclist.  I sell stamps to collectors on eBay.
My resume as an MS Word 97 document.

Eric Lerner, Ph.D.
Community & Organizational Development
504 South Plain Street
Ithaca, NY  14850
(607) 273-1154

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