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Consulting and Training Services

I'd like to help facilitate creative, insightful, action-oriented thinking about the most important challenges facing your organization.  I'm especially interested in smooth organizational transitions, and in helping to create participatory, low-cost ways for community organizations to succeed.  I can even work with your organization long-distance via email and telephone. Here's some of the ways we might work together.

Board Development.  I can work with your not-for-profit board of directors to help train and orient new board members, negotiate staff & board roles, clarify priorities, and become a more effective team.  I can facilitate board retreats or workshops, or provide other management support.

Staff Training.  I can provide training and professional development workshops for not-for-profit managers and staff on a wide range of topics.  I can help gather information from the staff on what training they most want and need.

Executive Coaching.  I can work one-on-one with an executive director or other manager to be a sounding board and to provide confidential support and advice as he or she balances the interests and needs of board, staff, volunteers, funders, customers and other stakeholders.  This can be especially important when an executive is new on the job, or when an organization is in transition to, for example, new funding or expanded programs.

Transitions.  Changes in funding, staffing, programs or facilities -- even the most positive and exciting changes -- can disrupt familiar work patterns, scramble lines of communication, and lead to confused roles and a frustrating work environment.  I can work with your organization's board, staff and volunteers to develop new systems adapted to new circumstances.

Strategic Planning.  I can help your organization design and implement a strategic planning process to clarify mission and goals, prioritize programs, expand participation and streamline operations.

Collaborative Projects.  I can facilitate multi-agency collaborative planning processes.  I can help you minimize needless turf struggles and red tape, and get the most out of shared resources from several partners.

Grantsmanship & Fundraising.  I can help your organization research and plan for new funding sources.  I can draft grant proposals, or help your staff develop stronger grantsmanship skills.

Budgeting & Fiscal Management.  I can help you make your budget and financial planning systems into powerful tools for policymakers, rather than crossword puzzles to complete for funders and accountants.

University Resources.  I can help you find inexpensive or free resources at Cornell University to assist your organization.  I have a comprehensive knowledge of how to find research-based expertise, student interns, and other community development resources at the university.

Conference planning.  I can help plan for your conference or special event, or help your staff and volunteers develop stronger skills at cost-effective event planning.

Fees.  Click here for a table of standard fees for projects in Tompkins County.  

Eric Lerner, Ph.D.
Community & Organizational Development
504 South Plain Street
Ithaca, NY  14850
(607) 273-1154

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