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Hi -- I'm Eric Lerner. I'm a consultant and trainer for community organizations, including not-for-profits and local governments.  Welcome to my website. I can help facilitate creative, insightful, action-oriented thinking about the most important challenges facing your organization.  I'm especially interested in smooth organizational transitions, and creating participatory, low-cost ways for community organizations to succeed. Details.

What's New?

  • Board retreats I can help your not-for-profit board or community group plan and facilitate retreats for strategic planning, team building, or to resolve other important issues. I've added a new webpage with details.
  • Links page.  No website is complete without a links page, so here's a few of the online resources I've found most useful. 
  • I ran for Mayor of Ithaca in 2003. Visit my political website at

Workshops.  Susan Lerner is my wife and training partner.  We offer workshops for not-for-profit and local government organizations, as well as personal skill-building workshops for the public.  Our workshops are practical, participatory and fun.  Details.

About me. I have a lifetime of experience building successful community organizations. I'm an educator, a community developer, an experienced agency executive and local elected official, and a trained philosopher.  I've been successful in developing flexible, participatory, results-based approaches across a broad range of issue areas, including local government budgeting, solid waste management, justice system planning, community festivals, university-based community development, and many others.  Details

Writing. Take a look at some of my recent writing on Community and Organizational Development and the Future of Tompkins County.

Susan Lerner is my wife and partner in consulting and training.  She's a trained social worker offering personal counseling to individuals and couples.  Click here to visit her website.

Eric Lerner, Ph.D.
Community & Organizational Development
504 South Plain Street
Ithaca, NY  14850
(607) 273-1154

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